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A Common Mistake With Ad Campaigns

Any time I talk to a business owner about their ad campaigns, they’re not very happy. And for good reason. Their ads are getting no clicks, and the people that do click don’t actually buy anything. These results are not uncommon either.

Google has a click-through rate of 3.6%, with Facebook following at 0.9%. That’s anywhere from almost one to four people out of one hundred actually clicking. Yes, ads are a good way to drive traffic to your website. Any good ad agency is only charging you for the clicks you get anyways. But, this is only scratching the surface of using ads.

A good ad campaign is a bit like starting a fire by hand. When you see smoke, that means you’re close, but you have to keep going. The biggest mistake I see with business owners is stopping as soon as they see smoke. Or worse: before it even shows up. Why not? People are aware of your business, mission accomplished. Or, no one seems interested, may as well give up.

As The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing (which is a great read) pointed out, it is all about repetition. The more customers see your brand, the more they will trust it. They will associate your brand with what you do in their minds. Then, when they need their sink fixed, they find you naturally — instead of clicking on an ad.

This principle is what allows car insurance companies to run ridiculous ads and still generate profits. The content of the ad matters less than exposing people to the brand. The little lizard isn’t actually convincing anyone to buy insurance.

Using repetition to build trust is a more effective strategy than directing cold traffic. So, if you’re not seeing smoke yet, give it a little time. Your ads may be benefiting you in ways that you can’t see yet. Or, if your ads have caught on, I encourage you to keep them going. It may give you an edge over your competition in the long run.


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