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  1. I’ve never encountered these scams in large amounts personally. Most times it’s just pay under 100 to get registered in some european country to used them as a client. -_- It never hurts to be aware of these cases though! Thanks for sharing Skyler!

  2. I’m being scammed right now by this wendy edwardo. I’m an automotive shop. Her emails are exactly like the above. Glad I searched her name and found this blog. Thank you.

  3. YO! I swear I just got a very similar response just like this one. I wonder if it is some kind of template that all of these people use. But they responded to a job offer that I placed on there and it was just too perfect. Plenty of spelling errors and grammatical errors. I googled how to avoid online business scam and stumbled across this post. Glad I found this. Strangely the name is not wendy edwardo, but the copy in the email is strikingly similar.

  4. Just had similar spiel from this same scammer. All seemed a bit too good to be true. Quick google search shows up a lot of scam results. Same name – Wendy Edwardo using a NZ rugby banner in her signature.

    1. It’s crazy that they’re still using the same alias after a few years like this. I’m happy you found the article though!

  5. She tried it with me too, wanted “box lunches” for 120 people for her Gram’s surprise birthday party. Wanted me to charge her an additional $1600 on credit card she would supply over my price and give that to her”driver” via cashier’s check when he comes to pick up.After some back & forth and knowing this must be a scam I googled her name, came up with this and e mailed her back saying I hope her ears fall off, haha

      1. She Sen me this email to.. Thanks so much for your response,I Would like to place an order for my Mum’s birthday that’s gonna hold by Feb. 25th, i want to do this for her as a surprise.I will like you to understand that am hearing impaired that’s reason why i text you and i would like to order for Grilled Chicken Salad for 120 guests in an individual lunch box with ranch dressing and i have a driver that will come for the pick up of the foods on that day by 2pm, just make the order ready by 2pm and the driver will come pick it up so let me have the total cost.
        and this……..Thanks for the response the favor i need from you is that , I would like you to add an extra $1,650 to the total price of the order and 100$ as your tip for helping me so that you can have all that charged on my credit card now and you will have the $1,550 deposit to the (Bank Account) of the private Carrier via cashier check or Zelle app deposit to his account for him to be able to come for the packaging and pick up of the foods and some other party stuff with a van so can you add it all and let me have the grand total cost now so that I can provide you my credit card and they can get everything arranged.I will like to hear back from you soon

        1. That’s how they get you! Thanks for sharing your experience also. Anyone that got a similar script can see your comment and know to stay away.