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  1. Great article Skyler. In depth and informative. Pricing creative services is definitely a challenge. I personally bill hourly for any creative work, and price our rate according to the seniority of the designer were providing. I use value based pricing for bigger projects that have a measurable result associated with our service (eg conversion optimization services). Like you said, value pricing is prone to abuse – so I like to stay away from it unless there is a clear “value” I’m generating.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. In the original draft, I actually included when I would and would not use value pricing. But that led to another discussion with figuring out if it fits your position that could have been its own article. But, I agree. It definitely isn’t a good fit everywhere. Imagine if your kitchen sink was flooding your home and when the plumber arrived he said, “well, I’d bet this is pretty important to you… It’ll cost you.” Knowing when to apply it is important. Thanks for the feedback, Sina!